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All is Design


'All is Design' | 3d wall art designer

ALL IS DESIGN Creates an eye catching '3D' graphics inspired by the Great City of London and its known sights and landmarks.

London-based Marta Mrugala-Kramarczyk and Arthur Kramarczyk, an Interior Designer and an Architect respectively, have designed these unusual graphics to complement the city they fell in love with.


‘All is Design’

3d Wall Art | London Interior Designer | Architect

‘Handmade by Inger‘ - Biography

‘Handmade by Inger’ is retired, and lives in Bournemouth but she enjoys weaving as a hobby.  An avid handicrafts enthusiast with experience of knitting, crochet, cross-stitching and clothes making.  Branching out into weaving was a natural progression.


She learnt to weave in Åmal Sweden, whilst enjoying a summer vacation.  The tuition taught the art of making traditional Scandinavian table runners, table matts, curtains, carpets, tea towels, bath towels and rugs.   Over the years Inger has used her flair for colours to design her own colour combinations using traditional Swedish designs.


Inger is presently working on new table runner designs, applying her meticulous attention to detail using the highest quality yarn sourced from Sweden.

Table Runner - Weaving in progress

DSC_0997 (2).JPG

‘Handmade by Inger’

Table runner | Scandinavian fabric